Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth

Mac Leaphart

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Splintered from the foundations of Waylon Jennings, The Rolling Stones, and John Prine, "Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth” is an album conceived in the trenches; on the bare- bones, blue-collar battlefield of the music industry: the honky tonks and bars.

Rousing numbers, “The Barrel,” “Ludowici,” and “The Bastards Won,” found a place among honky tonk standards in marathon bar sets before making their way onto a recording. Late night drives and blown chances inspired “Wrong Side of the Wind,” “Leaving Lonesome,” and “Cold Coffee and Yesterday’s News,” a duet with the great Danielle Howle. The songs bring down the tempo and drive the mood into a more introspective frame. “The El Paso Kid” may be the signature song on the record, melding a honky tonk stomp with thoughtful lyrics and a poignant story of hard luck and hope.

Produced and engineered by Mitch Webb at Mantis Studios in North Charleston, Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth is the culmination of three years of writing and performing live. The songs have been torn from yellow legal pads and thrown under faded stage lights from Charleston to New Orleans and most spots in between.

Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth is slightly irreverent and full of heart and wit. It does not pander to anyone in particular, but strives to make everybody take a little piece for themselves.

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