1. The Barrel


I loved and lost until I lost my love
Like the gutter takes a ball
This time I'll just let it go
Cause I don't want to crawl
Got to get back in that saddle quick
Take a nice long ride
Find myself a bridesmaid
I ain't looking for no bride

My heart is broke and my pride stings
I need a honky tonk and a damn sure thing
Any old plain Jane, or Sue, or Cheryl
I've got family and friends
They're all telling me
There's plenty of fish left in the sea
But tonight, I'm only shooting for the barrel

I should have seen it coming on
Just like a distant storm
I can't remember the last time that she felt warm
I should have beat to her to the punch
And saved a little face
But this break up here ain't gonna break me down
Gonna shine up my boots and hit the town
Find myself a bar and cut to the chase