The table was scattered
My heart was shattered
I was watching dust dance in the light
Coming in through the blinds
Making soft lines through the air
The heat pump was broken
I was shivering and smoking
I'd been shivering and smoking all night
Now the sun was upon me
And bound for the west
I was bound by my thoughts to my chair

When you said it was over
You took all my chances to choose
I'm a victim of theft
And all that is left
Is cold coffee and yesterday's news

Wasting blessings on counting
On coins in a fountain
Greasing the palm of a losing hand
Making good on the promise of nothing
It ain't worth a damn
Still, I tried believing till all that made sense was leaving
Turned my back on that last effort try
But a chance ain't worth taking
If love ain't worth making
We just don't see eye to eye

Yeah, I said it was over
But you had your chances to choose
You ain't a victim at all
'Cause we both took the fall
For cold coffee and yesterday's news