I stopped north of Shreveport
South of my home
In a day, I'd leave Texas behind
On through Las Cruces
With the South at my back
Still hanging on in my mind
I loved a woman who once had loved me
Before I gave into my song
It's been hindsight and whiskey
Fairfax and Sixth Street
And my days ain't nothing but long

Kind eyes and red hair
Before my lonely stare
She fills me up when I'm dry
Until I'm just shy of all gone
Just like my drink
In this old bar room
I've given up on my days
My nights just go on
I take stage after stage
Pushing my song
But most nights
I might as well be pushing a broom

The Lord's hands are full with this crazy old world
I've been drinking too much
Because of a girl
I fill up my glass just to fill up my head
With anything other than her
So, Mama, sweet Mama
Say a prayer for your boy
And one day I'll return with all the money and glory
Or I'll just come on home
Leaving lonesome and tired behind

I'll be flying home for Christmas
Back across those southern skies
Coming home to lights in the windows
Clean sheets and severed ties
I'll make my way on down to Main Street
With all those kids I used to know
Buy a few rounds
Watch myself drown
And I'll watch as the time goes
Honey, where does the time go?