Got a drawer full of yesterday
Everything that we once were
Faded worn reminders
Forgotten him and her
Soothing as a whisper
Between laughing age old friends
But ain't no life inside a picture
It's just the dead side of a lens

And her daddy loved Elvis
More than God
More than her
My father was a colonel
It was never "Dad" it was always "Sir"
That was our first connection
When everything felt right
But she was just a cool spot in the sheets
On a long hot summer night

And a promise made is an empty pact
Love ain't bound by a contract
When it slips away we've got nothing but ourselves
When I hold her close it breaks my heart
Things don't always finish the way they start
Just like the snow falls pretty
Then it melts
I ain't never felt so alone with someone else

So I move forward
Jump ahead
Sleep alone in a big ol' bed
I guess I always knew it would never last
But I just can't shake her
God knows I've tried
She's always there in the back of my mind
Like a car on the solid line
You can't get past