I wasn't in the best place when she walked into my life
I was sad and tired and a little vulnerable
Thought she might help to make things right
But I fell for her too easy
She let me down too hard
Thought I was cuddling with a kitty
I was swimming with a shark

You know how it goes
I called her one too many times
She got tired of having me around
I held her one last time
She left with something of mine
Tore me all apart
She took my best t-shirt
And then she broke my heart

A couple months earlier...
I'd been horsing around Los Angeles
Scoping shops on Melrose Drive
Found some pearl snap shirts and a cowboy hat
Some faded old Levis
At that store they call the Aardvark
I stumbled on some luck
Found a shirt from Mickey Gilley's bar
It only cost six bucks
I would have paid about ten times that
So it was a mighty fine pull
I'd wanted one of them old Mickey Gilley shirts
Since I'd seen Debra Winger ride that bull

I came back to South Carolina
Found me a pretty little thing
She liked to hang out with the boys in the band
She loved to hear me sing
She left me dry as Arizona
And fairly hurt
Yeah, that girl that I had eyes for
Had her eyes on my t-shirt