"Music City Joke" Best of 2021 Round-Up

This time last year, we were just a couple weeks away from releasing “Music City Joke.” The broad goal, according to my Kickstarter campaign, was “to get the songs out to as many listeners as possible.” While there are still quite a few listeners we would like to reach, with the help of all the supporters and a crack shot team, we certainly made a few blips on the radar this past year. We got on the charts and at the end of the year were recognized by a number of publications and outlets as one of the best of the year. It was a humbling and vindicating way to end a helluva fantastic year.

Thanks to each and every one of these for being such incredible supporters through out the past year, and already into this new one! Y'all go checked out their sites and socials and show them some love! 

Farce the Music's Top 20 Albums of 2021 

Pop Matters - 10 Best Country Albums of 2021 

Alt-Country Chart - Top 100 of 2021 (Music City Joke #8) 

Sound and Soul’s 100 Favorite Albums & EPs of 2021 

Americana Music Show 

That One Show with Bryan Combs top 25 songs of 2021 

Texas 95.7 KPUR - Top 25 of 2021 - #13 That Train

Saving Country Music - Album of the Year Nominee 

Saving Country Music - Single of the Year Nominee ("That Train")

Saving Country Music Single & Song of the Year Nominees Playlist