TX & OK with Mando Saenz

Got a fun run coming up in March with my buddy Mando Saenz. I'll be opening for Mando in Fort Worth & Houston and San Antonio & Oklahoma City will be the two of us doing a song-swap style…

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Norman, Amarillo, Tulsa, Memphis in January

Looking forward to heading back to The Deli in Norman OK, GoldenLight in Amarillo, and Hernando's Hide-A-Way in Memphis later this month...and really excited to be adding a stop at PJ's Pub & Grill in Tulsa on the run! Y'all…

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We Wanna Play at Your House - If You'll Let Us!

Having a genuine hootenanny used to be a thing back in the 1960s. And apparently it’s all happening again, but we’re calling them house shows these days! We’ve done a few over the years, and they're always a blast. There's…

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KPUR Amarillo with Craig Vaughn

Craig Vaughn at KPUR Amarillo was one of the first folks to really get behind Music City Joke – playing the album in its entirety on air the day of the release, pushing “That Train,” & “Honey, Shake!” to the…

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On the Road

Got some good shows right around the corner – check out all the tour dates right here.

Book your own house show or private event at www.macleaphart.com/contact.

Hope to see y'all out!