From the recording Music City Joke


Mac Leaphart: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Fats Kaplin: pedal steel
Will Kimbrough: baritone electric guitar
Brad Jones: bass
Logan Todd: drums
Glen Martian: backing vocals

The last time I saw him, I couldn’t recall
When I bumped into him, coming down the hall
Of the county clerk’s office
It was time to pay my taxes again
I said, “It’s been a long time, man. Let’s get us a beer.”
He smiled, shook his head, said, “I quit drinking last year.”
I said, “Ok. How ‘bout a Coca-Cola, then?”
We got us a Coke
Then he said he’d been born again baptized–he got his soul clean
Liquor was evil, and it was poisoning me
I said, “Ok.”
Man, I know you’re just trying to be a good friend
But there’s only one judge for me, & brother you ain’t him
So, I’ll take my chances each time that I take a drink

Don’t put the blame on the bottle, now that you’ve got yourself dry
And you’re needing someone or something to call the bad guy
Too fast & too many–too much for way too long
Don’t put the blame on the bottle
‘Cause that whiskey don’t pour on its own

He didn’t like what I had to say too much
So he just shook my hand, wished me good luck
Left that Co-Cola half empty
He left me where I stood
Then my mind moved to cold beer on the beach
Screened porch at sunset & a little bourbon neat
A few more fine visions
And some memories of times that were good

Too much of a good thing ain’t no good at all
That goes for all things, especially alcohol
I’ve had too much too often
I ain’t proud of some things that I’ve done

I don’t put the blame on the bottle for all of those things I done wrong
What’s done is done now, I did what I did me alone
Too fast too many, too much for way too long
I don’t put the blame on the bottle
‘Cause that whiskey don’t pour on its own