From the recording Lightning Bob EP


Ode To The Thirsty Beaver

A little ol’ orange building
Red eyed critter on the side
Right there in Plaza Midwood
Avenue Central 1225
Classics on the jukebox
Legends on the wall
I’ve seen my share of honky tonks
And its the best I ever saw

There’s changes in the ol’ neighborhood
Tearing down and building up
But if they think they can run us off
They’re out of luck
We like it here right where we’re at
Ain’t for sale so you can put that checkbook back
In the pocket of that sports coat
You wearing over a turtleneck

High rise way of thinking
Down on Central Avenue
They keep trying to stomp us out
But they can’t scrape us off their shoe

Back in 2013 they tried to chain it up
But it didn’t do no good
Those chains came down quicker
Than a beaver chews through wood
You ain’t gonna beat us
So why don’t you join us for a beer
Man, we’d love to have you
All are welcome here

High rise way of thinking