1. Losing Young

From the recording Line, Rope, Etc.


She was born after midnight
In a nowhere southern place
Just a nicotine baby
She was born without a trace
In her sixteenth summer
She stole my heart away
With my heart she took my slumber
All my thoughts every hour every day

She'd come running as a screen door slammed
Against a house built by her father's hands
Her dress blew like a sail inside a hurricane
Our lives they told the tale of the lust and pain of
Losing all that is young

She grew up with the notion
That her dreams would not be found
She felt just like the rainfall
Nowhere to go but down
So I wrapped my arms around her
Held her close as my own skin
The moon above my head
Was the light that led
To the place that we had never been


The southern moon like my summer soon will fade away