From the recording Line, Rope, Etc.


It used to be with a break up
All you lost was some sad tears
You could always feel better
With some buddies and a few cold beers
Now I'm on the phone with lawyers
She's taking everything I own
But I can't complain
Cause I ain't stayin
I'm out the door
I'm already gone

Put on my
White shoes and silver britches
It’s a Georgia Saturday
My woman, she done left me
And I'll be damned but I'll be okay
I'm going back between the hedges
I'll be drinking way past sundown
White shoes and silver britches
Lord I'm Athens bound

Sometimes when you're at your lowest
You see everything so clear
I've got to get back to my roots
I ain't been there in years
I'm gonna give this here sad story
A happy ending if it knocks me dead
Life is short so like a town
I'm gonna paint it all Georgia Red