From the recording Line, Rope, Etc.


He wants you to send him your money
In the name of Jesus the Lord
He says there's a train and it’s a rollin' to Heaven
Your donation will get you aboard
If you want to spend your hard earned dollar
To buy that bastard a brand new Rolls Royce
I ain't tying to judge you
Just trying to warn you
It’s your money and it’s your choice

Keep an eye on the God-fearing Devil
Don't ever buy what he sells
He's a snake in the grass
A hole in an ass
And I wish he'd just go on to hell

This one he quotes from the Bible
Says who’s damned and which ones are blessed
Said what he wants you to hear but he ain't liable
To tell you any of the rest
He likes to bring down the gavel
Cast stones and call out the sin
I guess he skipped over Luke 6:38
Where his judgment will be measured again


This one don't like where I come from
He don't like it that I cuss and drink
His mind's as made up as a hospital bed
Ain't nothing going to change how he thinks
Now we've gone and stirred up some hornets
We're holding young men's lives out on lease
It’s funny that Muhammad and Jesus
Are both prophets of peace