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American Songwriter Premieres "That Train"  

"“That Train,” Mac Leaphart’s latest single from his forthcoming album Music City Joke, premieres today in a clever bundling of nostalgic allusions and raw honky-tonk harmonies. The new tune follows his debut single, “Blame on the Bottle,” and continues Leaphart’s success as a story-based songwriter. Recently, Leaphart unraveled his creative process in an exclusive correspondence with American Songwriter..."


Click here for the entire premiere over at American Songwriter.

New Single Out Now!  

"That Train," the second single from the upcoming album 'Music City Joke' is available wherever you listen to music! 

"That Train" Available January 15 

"That Train," the second single off 'Music City Joke,' will be available January 15! 

Can't wait for y'all to hear it. Follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and wherever else you stream so you'll know as soon as it, and other music, become available. 

"Blame on the Bottle" Added to TuneCore: Americana 

Got word that TuneCore has added "Blame on the Bottle" to their official Spotify playlist, TuneCore: Americana. It'll be up there for three weeks...could be a cool opportunity for some new folks to hear the music. Check it out if ya wanna find some new tunes, yourself. 

You can also check out a bunch of #macmadeplaylists that I put together for the single release. Find me on Spotify (bonus points if you follow me there!) or click here for direct links. 


Splintered from the foundations of The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, and John Prine, Nashville-based Mac Leaphart is an artist who puts the song first. A 2018 winner of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk competition, Leaphart tends keep his live performances on the rough side, mixing witty and heartfelt lyrics with an austere backdrop of guitar, bass and drums.

Leaphart’s live sound was developed over years of playing in bars around the Southeast; the kind of honky tonks and dives where if the crowd gets bored, bands don’t get asked back. He's sweated through his share of marathon sets, often performing over three hours without a break. Along the way, he's shared the stage with some of his biggest influences, as well as some contemporary troubadours, including Billy Joe Shaver, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hayes Carll, and Ryan Bingham.

In 2008, Leaphart released his first solo record, 'Line, Rope, Etc,' which was named one of the best albums of the year by the Charleston City Paper. A few years later, in the fall of 2011, Leaphart was sidelined from performing for six months for medical reasons. The summer of 2012 found him back on the road and on the stage, and in November of that year he moved to Nashville where he hosts a songwriters night called Southpaw Social Club. Leaphart's sophomore album, 'Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth' was released in February 2015, followed with 'Lightning Bob'–a five-song EP featuring collaborations with Sadler Vaden–in 2018.

Download the music right here at or stream via all major services. 



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Coffee rings on a yellow legal pad. A Martin D-28 leaning on a chair. Pacing, words and phrases tumbling, waiting for the right ones to fall into place. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. On a few occasions, years. Sometimes words on paper never find a melody, passed over, crumpled in a waste basket. Sometimes finished songs never find an audience. Good ones sung over and over, like that song on the record that rarely makes it past the first 30 seconds before you start it over. When a song does reach an audience, and someone reaches back, I am instantly reminded of why I started down this road in the first place.


Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth

Mac Leaphart

Free with email.

Splintered from the foundations of Waylon Jennings, The Rolling Stones, and John Prine, "Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth” is an album conceived in the trenches; on the bare- bones, blue-collar battlefield of the music industry: the honky tonks and bars.

Rousing numbers, “The Barrel,” “Ludowici,” and “The Bastards Won,” found a place among honky tonk standards in marathon bar sets before making their way onto a recording. Late night drives and blown chances inspired “Wrong Side of the Wind,” “Leaving Lonesome,” and “Cold Coffee and Yesterday’s News,” a duet with the great Danielle Howle. The songs bring down the tempo and drive the mood into a more introspective frame. “The El Paso Kid” may be the signature song on the record, melding a honky tonk stomp with thoughtful lyrics and a poignant story of hard luck and hope.

Produced and engineered by Mitch Webb at Mantis Studios in North Charleston, Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth is the culmination of three years of writing and performing live. The songs have been torn from yellow legal pads and thrown under faded stage lights from Charleston to New Orleans and most spots in between.

Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth is slightly irreverent and full of heart and wit. It does not pander to anyone in particular, but strives to make everybody take a little piece for themselves.

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Line, Rope, Etc.

Mac Leaphart

Download 10 songs from the physical CD for free with email.

If you like what you hear, visit to get the entire album with 4 bonus tracks for just $9.99.

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