We Did It - But It Ain't Over Yet!

Wow. We hit the goal, y'all. I'm blown away. 

Here's the thing... 

We didn’t have the vision–maybe audacity, if you will–to dream bigger, because we thought we already were! 

Ten grand felt like a long shot.

The all-or-nothing aspect of Kickstarter had me sweating bullets. So, I shot for the absolute bare minimum to just get the record out the right way...but there’s so much more that I’d like to do, especially in terms of promotion. 

I would love to look into working with someone to manage digital distribution; a person who would work to get my music on Spotify and Apple Music playlists and things like that. I could also increase the duration of my press and radio campaigns for a whole lot more exposure. 

If you shared a post, sent a text or email, told someone, or gave even one dollar, you've helped make this happen, and it means the world to me. 

We hit the $10,000 goal in just under a week...whaddya say we shoot for $15,000 by the end of this thing on November 19, and make some of these other cool things happen? Can we do it, y’all? 

Thank you, all, for your support.