'Music City Joke' Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

The time has finally come...the 'Music City Joke' Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! 

Click here to check out the full story, video, and all the great rewards–from digital downloads to autographed CDs to a full blown Carolina BBQ with full band concert! Man, I'd love to come play for you and some of your friends to celebrate this whole thing. Maybe a group of y'all wanna go in together on that. 

I'm grateful to all of you who've reached out about how you can help support me and help get my music out there to more people. Right now, the biggest thing is getting word out about Kickstarter, so tell all your friends! 

Here are some ways you can do that: 

SHARE posts on Facebook & Instagram 
FORWARD this email along 
TELL people about the free downloads at macleaphart.com/music
ASK folks to sign up for the mailing list 
LIKE/LOVE & COMMENT on things I post on social media (it helps keep the posts "alive" in people's newsfeeds!) 

And, of course, if you're able to give, I'd be so incredibly grateful. I'm thankful and humbled y'all are here at all. 

Stay tuned for a whole lot more about Kickstarter and the album in the days to come.

Cheers...and thanks,