Kickstarter Update - Phase 3

We made it to phase 3! 

Wait, you weren’t aware this campaign had phases? 

I wasn’t either! 

At least, not till last week when we reached the goal for the campaign in under a week. So we set a new goal and called it phase 2. And here we are, reaching THAT goal in just under a week. Dang. This is really, some very exciting stuff happening here! 

Since there are still TWO WEEKS left till the campaign ends, we’re doing it again...stretching  that goal & setting our sights on $20,000 by November 19.  

Y’all still with us, here? Let’s do this thing, how about it! 

If you've given, thank you.  
If you've spread the word, thank you.  
Every little bit helps and I'm so grateful for it all.  
Read on below the pic for some ways you can help get the word out.  



How to Help... 

On Facebook 
Share a recent post on your profile, page(s), and in groups. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you also include a little message in your post (a few words about my music, the campaign, album, etc), and encourage people to support the efforts by giving and/or spreading the word. 

On Instagram 
Snag a recent pic from Facebook or Instagram to post. 
Tag @mac.leaphart and direct people to (or just for the Kickstarter link + free music downloads and more). 

Through Personal Emails & Texts 
Personal emails and texts to family, friends, neighbors, etc are very helpful and successful. Friends and family love to support what friends and family are supporting!  

Encourage people to visit to sign up for the mailing list, download music (for free!), and check out ramblings and more.