Kickstarter Update

I know I’ve been saying the Kickstarter would be live this week, but we hit a bump in the road, had to change a tire, and now that we’re rolling again, we have a confirmed launch date: the Kickstarter will officially launch next TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20!

I am really pumped to get this thing cranking as we gear up for the release of the new record. 

And I am so happy & humbled that some of y’all are joining me on this journey. It means the world to me.  

I’ll be posting the link to the campaign, plus a flood of reminders & updates (at least until the unfollows start gaining traction)...but don’t unfollow–tune in today, tonight, & tomorrow! There’ll be a lot of other good stuff in and around the Kickstarter reminders.  

Stay with me here, friends.  

Please help me take the next steps. 

I can’t do it without you. 

All the love!