Facebook Live Event This Sunday

Here we are, folks...just one week left of the Kickstarter campaign!

We're in full blown countdown mode with seven days left, and just over $4,000 away from the Phase 3 goal...and we need your help now more than ever.

Here's the thing: at this point, pretty much anyone who's gonna hear about this from us has already heard about it from us, so in these final days we really need YOU to help spread the word to your friends and family! Every share, like, comment, text, email (etc.) helps set Mac up for an even bigger and better release when the album comes out early next year.

Click here for a message from Mac and ways you can help

To kick off the homestretch, we hope you'll join us Sunday night at 8pm (est) for a little Facebook live action. Mac'll tell some tales and play a few tunes from the new album. Do you have a favorite yet? It'll start late enough to give you plenty of time to get everyone fed and settled in, and will be over early enough you're not a zombie Monday morning. Come hang with us! 

We're so excited we can hardly stand it, and your enthusiasm for this is a huge part of that! Thank you, thank you, thank you!