Drumming Up Support for Logan Todd

Loved having Logan Todd as part of the 'Music City Joke' recording process. Y'all, this guy added a lot of character to 'Music City Joke'–his drumming is solid & attentive, and he brought great ideas to all the pregame arrangement talks. I really dig what he did on “The Same Thing,” but I don’t think anything can top the killer “Wipe Out" style start to the title cut. 

Not too long ago, Logan damn near cut his pinky off and had to have two surgeries, putting a hold on playing drums for a bit–and drumming is his full time job, y'all. About a decade ago, I had a major health issue and was sidelined from playing live, which was how I kept money in my pocket. My friends did a benefit for me to help me stay on my feet. So, I’ve set up a GoFundMe for Logan to help with expenses that are piling up while he’s unable to work. If you’ve got something to give, that would be great. If you’re strapped for cash but can help spread the word, that’s great too. If you can do both, win win! 

Thanks, y’all!