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"Over a decade he’s paid his dues and this, his fourth album, just goes to show that life isn’t fair. He deserves a large commercial break with Music City Joke." — Tony Ives 

"Mac Leaphart’s songs say all the things you want to say. And I dunno, he just seems like he would be a good drinking buddy. Always has a new story to tell. " — Calvin Powers 

"Mac Leaphart’s raspy, wearied voice tells tales of life at the tougher end of music city without losing his wry sense of humour. Great stuff." — Lyndon Bolton 

"Some old songwriting greats have been mentioned as influences (like John Prine), but I hear some of his songs as going through a next generation filter, like Todd Snider or his old bandmate Will Kimbrough." — Bill Rutsch

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I know for a lot of folks in my circle, Americana music and artists seem like they are everywhere. But talk to your some folks you went to high school with, talk to your aunt back home, and there’s a good chance they’ve never heard of John Prine. So, Americana & roots music needs champions and ambassadors, and Americana Music Show is one of the best sources out there in terms of helping spread the word.

Calvin and the crew have been super supportive of Music City Joke–they’ve lumped me in with a lot of my heroes on some wonderfully crafted shows. Many thanks and lots of love!