We Wanna Play at Your House - If You'll Let Us!

Having a genuine hootenanny used to be a thing back in the 1960s. And apparently it’s all happening again, but we’re calling them house shows these days! We’ve done a few over the years, and they're always a blast. There's something special about breaking it down to the core elements: the songs + the folks who want to listen to them.

It’s great to connect in such a we’re-all-in-this-together kind of way, and we'd love to come play your abode–whether you have a big ol’ backyard, a tiny spot that hardly requires a lawnmower, a quaint little patio, a giant deck, or a studio apartment. Heck, some “house shows” don’t even happen at a house–think neighborhood pool, event space, art studio, or something else. Tons of cool options.

To me there’s not much better than good music, good friends, and maybe even some good food & drink. If you’re interested in us providing the first, shoot me and email and let’s chat!