Ramblings: James

His room had not changed since high school. The Atlanta Falcons sheets on the single bed. The Yardbirds family tree poster, the poster of Butch & Sundance guns drawn & charging. 
His mother said that it smelled like teenagers. 


Ramblings: Harry

“Swut they call a catch 22, I reckon,”  Harry said to the attractive doctor who was currently taking his blood pressure in response to why he still drank so much. “Booze got me on the street. But it also makes…


Ramblings: Mr. Ruffles

A plastic, crinkling cacophony spilled into the little girl’s ears. Her eyes darted to the sound, a blue and white plastic bag moving on its own. Jerky, unrhythmic dashes beside a line of plastic trash cans on the alley behind…


Ramblings: Bob/Todd & Jacob

He was talking to his father on speaker. Casual catch up conversation, the current goings on. 
“Tell him what happened at the Publix today, Bob,” he heard his mother say in the background. 
“What happened in Publix?” 
“Oh, nothing really…


Ramblings: Rock & Roll Almost Ruined My Life Sorta

Small town southern son coming home from the movies.
Recreating what was just viewed.
Cameras nobody else could see.  
Kurt Loder interviewing River Phoenix, or somebody like River Phoenix.  
Ego lighting up like a flame thrower.  
I wanted to have…

Neighbors of Sylvan Park Residency

Very excited to announce that I finally landed one of those sought after and elusive Nashville residencies. And, at a really cool spot, to boot: Neighbors of Sylvan Park. The second Tuesday of every month from 8-10pm, we have a…


Ramblings: Truth & Salvage Co

The Charleston Pour House. Sometime around a decade ago. 
There were maybe fifty people in the audience. 
Truth & Salvage Company slid into their set with a genuine ease & confidence that cannot be manufactured. I remember reading the liner…


Ramblings: Carolina Run

“This guy doesn’t know shit.” 
I’m assuming this was the first impression of the rest of the guys I was about to start a week long run with, as I walked into a bar in Anderson, SC, running a little…


Ramblings: 5 Singer-Songwriters, 1 Van, Texas Hill Country

Sleep didn't come easy for me the first night in Dripping Springs, Texas. The insomnia thing is a gift from my mother’s side of the family. Apparently, quite a few McKeowns spend a good portion of their nights staring up…

2018 Kerrville New Folk Winner


I am humbled and honored to be named one of the 2018 Kerrville New Folk winners. Kerrville was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Thank you and cheers to all!


Ramblings: Heavy Metal Marvin Has Got the Blues

It was an unfortunate name. 
Maybe not for the gray haired mechanic who had fixed your parent’s cars for years. But, a little off, antiquated, paired with the quiet, occasionally impatient fella who packed his own lunch every…