2018 Kerrville New Folk Winner


I am humbled and honored to be named one of the 2018 Kerrville New Folk winners. Kerrville was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Thank you and cheers to all!


Ramblings: Heavy Metal Marvin Has Got the Blues

It was an unfortunate name. 
Maybe not for the gray haired mechanic who had fixed your parent’s cars for years. But, a little off, antiquated, paired with the quiet, occasionally impatient fella who packed his own lunch every…

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Ramblings: 2000 Miles of Christmas Spirit

One year it took me until Christmas Eve and hearing “2000 Miles” by the Pretenders to get into the Christmas spirit. I was driving west on Interstate 26, from Columbia to Greenville, South Carolina, and it just came on while…

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I have a PANDORA station! 
I know–FINALLY! 
I listened for a while last night. 
My station included Billy Ray Cyrus. Which is simultaneously kind of awesome and not awesome. 
It also included Billy Bob Thornton. 
But, no Billy Joe…

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New Album! Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth

Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth hits the street tomorrow, everybody! 
Help your boy out! 
Buy one for yourself and a buddy! 
Or your mama! She'll dig it! 
Trust me...