The Ranch (95.9) Music Meeting - Vote for Mac

Hey, y'all! Here's a really cool opportunity to help Mac get played on 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth

They wanna play what listeners wanna hear, so we need you to vote in the Ranch Music Meeting, and them that you want Mac Leaphart's "Honey, Shake!" on the air! 

Here's how to do it: 
Click here
• Create an account (pretty please!) 
• Fill out a quick little survey 
• Listen to tunes by artists like 

Cordovas, Jackie Darlene, and, of course Mac himself. You won't see the artists' or songs' names, but you'll know "Honey, Shake!" when ya hear it, right? 

You can also SHARE the Facebook post to spread the word and ask your friends & fam to help. 

Thanks, everybody,